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Embrace the Cinematic Journey: Explore Stories, Interviews, and Insights with Anne Brodie

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Always Makes Me Smile

Film is the harmonious union of captivating stories and stunning visuals. The beauty of remarkable images never fails to bring a smile to my face, and I am eager to share these visual treasures with you.
"Film is a powerful language that transcends borders, connects hearts, and brings stories to life"

 ― Anne Brodie

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Get to Know Anne

Step into the captivating world of cinema with Anne Brodie, a film enthusiast from small-town Ontario. From her early days at the Roxy Theatre to her current role as a dedicated reporter, reviewer, and interviewer, Anne's passion for film shines through her insightful storytelling and engaging discussions with filmmakers worldwide. Join her on a journey where passion meets insight, as she uncovers the magic that lies within the silver screen.

Anne Brodie has the wealth of knowledge that frequently makes celebrities' jaws drop. But it’s not only about the “stars” - she knows the directors, producers and filmmakers -   - she is at ease interviewing everyone – No “fan girling” here – Anne once had Mick Jagger voice her answering machine message – I call that a major coup. The number of people in the industry who will take her call is staggering – I can’t count the number of times she has correctly picked the Oscar winners the day after she saw the movie. She’s good – really good.

Kate Wheeler
National News Manager,
Global TV

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