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Born and raised in small-town Ontario, Anne Brodie's lifelong love affair with film blossomed within the walls of the local Roxy Theatre. From a young age, she eagerly absorbed the magic of the silver screen, faithfully attending the weekly screenings of two captivating films. Her passion only grew stronger as she surreptitiously indulged in midnight movies, a clandestine affair while her family slept. Fueling her devotion, Anne embarked on a remarkable journey, meticulously chronicling her cinematic encounters in intricately detailed movie journals.

Trinity College, Toronto witnessed Anne's unwavering commitment to her cinematic calling, as she immersed herself in the study of film. Since then, she has ceaselessly traversed the expansive realm of film as a tireless TV, online, and radio reporter, reviewer, interviewer, entertainment news writer, and astute critic. Armed with her wealth of knowledge and unparalleled enthusiasm, Anne has engaged in captivating dialogues with tens of thousands of filmmakers, their stories echoing through her vivid narratives.

Anne Brodie is a seasoned globetrotter, traversing the international film festival circuit with fervor. Her profound insights and unwavering dedication have graced esteemed platforms, including What She Said! Talk (for six years), CTV News Toronto (for an impressive 26 years), CTV News Channel, Global News, Global News Documentaries, Hollywood Suite, and numerous other TV outlets. Her discerning voice has reverberated through Ask Men, AOL Moviefone, Criticize This!, Elle Canada, House and Home, Metro News Toronto, Monsters and Critics, More, and MSN, captivating readers and igniting their passion for cinema.

As a sought-after contributor, Anne has lent her expertise to a multitude of documentaries and news items, effortlessly illuminating the multifaceted world of film. Although a consummate producer and videographer, she gracefully admits that the art of editing eludes her. In her pursuit of excellence, Anne stands as a founding Canadian member of prestigious organizations such as the Broadcast Film Critics' Association, the Broadcast Television Journalists' Association, the Critics' Choice Association, the Toronto Film Critics' Association, and FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics).

At present, Anne Brodie immerses herself in the vibrant tapestry of the Canadian multi-platform radio show, What She Said. Conceived by the visionary minds of Kate Wheeler and Christine Bentley, and hosted by the remarkable Candace Sampson, the show weaves together a captivating medley of commentary, health, wellness, children, education, and entertainment. What She Said resonates with women aged 35 and above, but its allure extends to all who seek enlightening conversations and embrace diverse perspectives. Even the devoted northern Ontario trucker finds solace and inspiration within its enlightening frequencies.

Join Anne on her cinematic odyssey at, and experience her unparalleled expertise and infectious passion for film. Tune in to the airwaves of 105.9 The Region in Ontario ( or bask in the radiance of 107.7 The Pulse in British Columbia ( Allow yourself to be swept away by the boundless wonders of the cinematic realm, as Anne Brodie invites you to unravel the stories that illuminate our souls

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