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The June Motel in Sauble Beach, Ontario

Netflix launches Motel Makeover an unscripted series following young entrepreneurs April Brown and Sarah Sklash, creators of the internationally renowned June Hotel. These girls not only take us through the purchase, demo, reno and opening of their latest property The June Motel in Sauble Beach, they also provide design and strategy tips along the way. So how did they remodel a “gross” motel on Loyalist Parkway in chic Prince Edward County, doing much of the work themselves, overseeing contractors and outfitting via thrifting the existing motel that fetches $500 a night per room? Watch them work their magic on property two!

April Brown and Sarah Sklash Get Busy on Motel Makeover

Schitt’s Creek notwithstanding, the girls had a vision for a relaxed, funky rural destination to attract cool city folks and they fulfilled it and then some. Well, take a look at Motel Makeover as to their iron will, the hours put in and that unstoppable dream, and dream along with them. They set out to create an “Instagrammable” spot under the June banner in Sauble Beach with a patio and pool, artisan food and a gorgeous colour palette. Watch April and Sarah share every creative, panicky, joyful and triumphant moment starting August 25.

Motel Makeover on Netflix August 25



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