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Carla Collins Relaxing on the Farm with one of her many animals.

Carla Collins, the Soo’s Pride and Joy, “Comedian, Author, Creator of Chuckle & Chill: Comedic Meditation, Immature Model and Emotional Support Cougar” is one funny glamour girl. I know, I worked with her. Never a day went by without strained stomach muscles laughing at her whip-smart wit and jokes. Carla moved to LA, married Tyrone Power, Jr., starred in her own reality show (Carlawood now on Amazon Prime) did her standup routines all over North America, and established herself as a comic star. Last year Carla was visiting a friend’s horse farm in Ontario when the pandemic struck, and she was “caught between husbands! For me, husbands are like mattresses: every 8 years you should get a new one or at least flip’em over!” She’s been on the farm since then, caring for cats, dogs, horses and her “gay fiance”. I had the chance to see my old pal again and catch up over her fourth album (recorded at the historic El Mocambo) release. Strap yo’selves in folks, Carla is one-of-a-kind, a comic and philosophical natural wonder. By Anne Brodie

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